Friday, May 25, 2007


Admit it: there is a mindset, a group of assumptions, and a whole set of experiences that set a "cyclist" apart from the vast majority of the populace that just rides a bike. There are the serious things, like an understanding of vehicular cycling, and the mundane things, like knowing where the good places to lock a bike are. Here are the amusing things that make us laugh at ourselves...

[]more examples found here[]

2. At some point you caught yourself wondering if your bike might look good if you added fenders

3. You discover that you have forgotten to remove your reflective ankle straps hours after you have arrived somewhere by bicycle

8. You own any kind of purple annodized bicycle accessory

13. You can tell your significant other with a straight face that its too hot to mow the lawn then take off and ride a century.

14. Your bike rack and attachments are worth more than your car.

21. Someone in a car asks for directions and you give them a route that bypasses freeways and busy surface streets

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wabash Blues Cruise

Saturday, June 9th Malvern to Shenandoah
Starts at 10:00 am
Parties on the Bridges along the Trace

Join Team Flashback on the
East Nishnabotna Bridge
1 mile north of Shenandoah Pool
(paved access)
½ mile south of Highway 59
Donations accepted – proceeds to Trace maintenance

Live Music, Liquid Refreshments

Dave Barger and Jam Masters
plus other musicians

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A legend returns

Meet my keg-erator. She's a rockin' 1954(ish) Philco monster tapped out, handed down from my Father in-law. This thing has seen some serious action. Not altogether unlike PBR's Cool Blue.

Unfortunately, last summer didn't see much beer flowing through it's food grade veins. That horrible chapter to this superhero's life ends soon. I'll be throwing down for new hoses, a new dual pressure valve thingy, and firing it back up.

Somebody call OPPD, they'll have to open up reactor #4 soon...

If you only have room enough for one keg,
make it something good.

The superhero you always wished you could be.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maps are fun

courtesy of

Here's a map you should be able to find in your local bike shop.
We need more yellow dotted lines.


Military Ave. looking South from 45th st. Flat.

East on Hamilton. Right at Olympia Cycle. North on 40th.

Past Cumming St. & past St. Cecilia's. Left on Cali.

Down large, fun hill. Pass Car(s)*. Right on 33rd.

The only "climb" of the day. The new office is the
building on the right, top of hill.
*no cars were actually passed.

Snapshots of the a.m. commute and crazy stats
about drive times in the US:

Ride your bike... it's a vacation every time.


I leave the bike... panniers come with me.

West on Farnam. North on 40th. 'Cross Dodge.

How's the ride? Short. Bike time vs. car time = +4 min. 3 miles each way. Each one better than the next.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Activate Omaha Bike Commuter Challenge

I'm in. The wellness center at work put together a team. Bike parking is going to get really scarce really quick. 28 participants... about 10-12 bike stalls.

The BCC starts with a mayor's ride on May 14th, with a short and long ride route. The Activate Omaha site isn't updated... the routes are picked. The long route goes out to Elmwood and back to downtown via Leavenworth. I'm out on that one. Leavenworth has the crappy combination of narrow lanes and pissy drivers. Wonder if Fahey's going the distance? BCC goes for 14 weeks. Prizes and schwag TBD.

Activate Omaha BCC Page

What's the Deal?

picture courtesy of Bike Friday

So the story goes that a guy gets restructured out of his position at work, and spends the next 3 months looking for work, going to grad school, and hanging out with his kids. Cycling became a non-concern, and his waist line is feeling it.

But I'm back to work, and bike commuting as well. The good news: the office is a lot closer, and I save a bunch of time on the trip. The bad news: the office is a lot closer and I only get 1/4 the miles and time in the saddle. Oh... and I don't get to park the LHT inside in its own kushy cubicle. That's offset by the fact I now have a locker and showers now. Ironic, though - with a 3 mile ride to work vs. the 12 I was previously riding, I need the shower less.

Look for information on the Activate Omaha Commuter Challenge shortly...