Sunday, August 24, 2008

After work spin

Corporate Cycling


Rolling North from downtown


Pete, Theresa & Tom. Not in picture - Uncle Terry

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Corporate Cycling Challenge

Who's in? I'm down for some Ft. Calhoun stuff along with Pete and T... give a shout if you're planning on spinning. Route finds its way through some really nice hills north of town.

What you need to know.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

My Spot

There comes a point on every ragbrai that I feel wonderfully lost in Iowa. There's an eery, complete lack of needing anything with a carefree sense of life. My mind freely wanders to nothing. It's always while on my bike, usually alone. This was where it hit me this year. If I'm lucky - the feeling lasts for a dozen or so miles. I highly recommend trying to find your spot.


Bed rest following the surgery.

Reflecting on RAGBRAI at a quaint cemetary.

Making friends in N. Liberty

Loading up the truck at O'Grady's in CB, I noticed the gnome had a bead of sweat building on his brow. It took just a half a second, after placing him on the Penske, he jumped to the ground. He knew this was going to be a scary trip. Looking down, I saw him busted in two at the knees. A collective gasp went out from Flashback. Was this going to doom the gnome's trip?

Jen O. quickly assessed the situation. "I can fix him." I had my doubts. He was busted bad. Jen would bring him back on Tuesday in Jefferson. The operation was a success. With a princess band-aid on his knee, and a Flashback tat on his pointy hat, he was ready to roll.


The view was great, the wine was horrible

The Sutliff Cider made up for the wine. Deeelish.

Shad's photo op

The Trucker rolled great.

Harmonica-toting huggy bears. Todd + Greg = BFF

Quick Pics from Iowa

Dippin' in the MO

The Spoke Bracelet Guy (iTod on the right)

Big screen TDF action in downtown Harlan

Street performers in Harlan

Another ragbrai in the books. Team Flashback won, again.