Monday, September 29, 2008

Ped Bridge

East Tower



Had to do it. Snuck down after work to peep out the ped bridge. Fired up the gps and posted some tracks to trailguru:

Mid town crossing to Riverside Grille - check out that max speed!
Ped Bridge IA to NE
Then back home

Found out that the gps/trailguru app taps battery life. Also found out that there's a lot of folks on that thar bridge. Don't let the photos fool you there's people... just be warned - the people don't know trail etiquette. Walkers will literally carve in front of you, kids are playing all over it, and there's no "sides" east or west. Don't get me wrong - it's great to see folks out there using it.

Just go slow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

10/2 Taco Ride Callout


Missed every single Thursday ride to Minny so far in 2008. That ends next week. This here's the callout for anyone down for taking the long cut to the Taco Ride - via the Ped Bridge. So head downtown after work on 10/2 and meet us at Farrel's about 4:30 to group up and kick it off. Probably try to leave by 5:30.

Should be about 45 miles round trip from downtown Omaha. But that's a wild ass guess. Might take a night cap at the Dubliner for their cheap-o Thursday night specials if we get out of Mineola in time and in one piece.

Next up: fun.

TrailGuru - Commute Home

Nabbed an iPhone 3G for my b-day a couple months ago, really diggin' it. The applications you can download are getting better and better. I've had one on my wish list that integrates w/ the gps on the phone and puts my saddle time on a map, including speeds and altitude and other nifty things.

Bingo - TrailGuru to the rescue.

I dorked out, downloaded the app over lunch, and turned it on for the ride home. It's a peach. Check out my tiny commute home here.

The Fog

Holy low lying clouds, batman... did you get a load of that fog yesterday on the commute?