Sunday, August 27, 2006

$15 Polo Bike

No more excuses. Pick this baby up off Craig's List and get yer mallet on.

Check it.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pure Energy

From Ragbrai. Snapped a pic of this guy's LHT. It was a full set up for charging and running all things electrical. If I'm not mistaken, this picture was taken at the Subway where Mr1spd from Steelbitch made one of the sweetest road side fixes on Greg's Shimano wheel ever to be witnessed. If I had money to bet, I'd say Greg's wheel is still rolling solid.

Anywho... this Trucker was set up with a dyno front hub running the jammin' tunes he had mounted on the front rack (check out the tweets on top of the main speaker box). Also in back was a large solar cell juicing up assorted batteries. All in all - pretty sweet for pushing on flat pedals.

I don't expect Uncle Guzzler to remember any of this. Right about now, he was at one with the concrete. His memory picks back up about 2 p.m. later that day...

Steel Sally's toes are also in the photo. I can tell it's him because he's the only one I saw riding Ragbrai with the new Shimano sandals.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Fender Stickers

Love this sticker I found at bikehugger. My buddy in MNPLS informed me that the 2wheelcommute & "The Lance Glance" is linked on the home page towards the bottom... Thanks bikehugger!

Cool shirts, too. I like how their bike silhouette in their logo has fenders. Fenders rule. Still looking into getting some mudflap girl stickers for the Surly. The trick is getting them small enough to fit the fenders.

Going for a spin tonight with the lovely Mrs. 2wheel. 80 degrees tonight... beautiful! See ya riding...

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Nebraska Bicycle Polo

Is it time to start yet?

The Dan Glance

Riding to work today I was in a hustle. Steady ridin' on the Keystone at about 20 mph loaded with the normal work accompanyments: clothes, shoes, lunch, towel, complete tool set and all the bathroom accomodations to get "purdy". All of the sudden, someone behind me yells "DAN!". I turn around and, sure enough... It's Dan Bolshaw! Knowing I had some bloggin' to do, I had brought the camera - but it was in the panniers, and I had to get to it quick. I pull over and grab the camera out as fast as I can. As Dan passes, I hear him chuckle lightly. He's been here before.

I jump back on the Trucker and it's full steam ahead. It took me almost 2 blocks to catch him! I snapped a photo of him crossing the bridge just south of I-80. This may be the closest I'd get. My legs felt great, breathing was easy, and my heart rate was right around 100. I've been here before.
Then comes the sprint. I blow past him accidentally and apply the breaks. I couldn't believe it! I was riding with Dan "The Seat" Bolshaw!

In true classic velo fashion, Dan says "Hey... you made it!" Sure did, Dan, and thanks for the pic. See ya on the commute...

Blogger's note: Dan Bolshaw is a true fashionista (look at the sun glasses, button down shirt and suspenders), and is also the father of ajb.

Polo action

Sunday's farewell match for Scott. Lots of good bruises and good times. The game ended in a tie. Thanks to Kent for loaning me his ride when my seat busted. That's the first time I've ridden a Ti bike w/ full XTR. And that's a polo bike!

So long, Grumpy...

Scott's going to Madison to work at some super high-end road bike shop. I think they have huffys and ralleys. Best wishes from 2wheelcommute... You better keep in touch, brotha!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Stupid Rain

In lieu of the commute, here's a couple more pics from the big IA ride. The first is the aftermath of a typical soft stop. Burger/Pork Chop/ BBQ somethin' sandwich, chips, 2 bottles water, 3 bud seniors. Hard stops double or triple the beer. The next pic is the bike that caught Lance. The Trucker rode smooth the whole week.