Saturday, August 18, 2007

Sun up

It's been stinking hot on the rides home, but going in to work
has been fairly nice, outside the 100% humidity.
It's like swimming to work in a hot tub.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Load 'er up...

The Heritage crossed a stream about 20 times with the hills of E. Iowa as a backdrop... Beautiful.

A bridge was out, but we could walk the bikes across.

The Trucker barely fit through the cinder slabs keeping traffic off the bridge

Those were the hills the ragbrai route winded through. Ha!

Carrie and I did our own day, and hit the heritage trail out of Dyersville heading to Dubuque. I love this trail. It's like the Wabash, on botox. It's so beautiful. So as not to have folks take care of all of our gear, I borrowed a BOB and hauled it with the trucker. Seriously smooth riding.

Quick Pics

Cowbell with the single - good to ride with that fool before his surgery
Small towns, big fun

Beer, shade, buds

Mr. Porkchop. YUM
A few photos of our RAGBRAI. Another stellar week. Nice temps, only rained 1 night, and I rode/chatted with Lance again. We were stopped by the Troopers crossing I35. The officer controlling traffic looked at me next to Lance and said

"Hey, Aaron. Who's your friend?"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


More to come...