Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shen Ride

The heavy rain left its mark

Nah, I'll take the mud bog trail, thanks...

Mostly stayed on the trace with the lovely Mr. 2Wheel and some other folks ducking out of the 30 mph steady headwinds. Not much respite on the Wabash, I'm afraid. Trail was "squishy" - making it very difficult to pedal. No chance for recovery. Same story on the road with the winds, as I found out. I finished the trip out, though some raised the white flag in Imogene. My legs were roasted after a very weird 55-ish miles. AM storms on Sunday forced an early return to Omaha. Boooo.

Sunday Breakfast Rides are still O-N. Couldn't make Ummy's Splendor. Kent's Convection (aka the 'Good Enuf' ride) is coming up. I'm catching some miles after work here and there. Talking to friends about Ragbrai, getting stoked.

Ahhhh.... Summer.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

NorEaster Beer

How do you know Cap'n Cowbell stopped by while you were out? A case of wicked good pick-a-pack brew from NH shows up on your porch.

Sorry I missed you at the Dell, bro... see you soon.

Day 1 Update

Here's a link to what I'm taking as the answer to what's up with the route on day one. Duffy's out riding ragbrai out this week. Think of that when you're at work tomorrow. I know I will.

Duffy's Blog - Day 1

On another note, Shen ride is this weekend. 60 miles down on Saturday, then back on Sunday. I need the miles. The commute isn't giving me what it used to for miles. The lovely Mrs. 2wheel is accompanying me with 2 wheels of her own - not in sag support as she's done in years past. Dig it.

Sunday, June 01, 2008