Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Here's this Spring's Seasonal offering from the good folks at New Belgium Brewing. Peter Bouckaert has to have fun. He seems to get a lot of elbow room for experimentation. Viva la Fort Collins!

Media Release

Brings a tear to the eye...

Tim O'G. sent this along in an email... it's too damn cool not to rebroadcast on 2wheelcommute. Whoever said cycling wasn't a team sport, anyway?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ride before the freeze

Super nice out on Friday. Dumped the panniers on the Trucker and went for a spin. Starting at mi casa I headed over to the Keystone heading south. Word to the wise - don't go across the Northern most bridge by FDR... trail's only clear on the EAST side. Do I get first (bike) tracks there?

Winds were making it a quick trip down to 370. FAST. Turned around and went 1/2 speed immediately upon facing the wind. Burr. Didn't don the thermal tights - just the shorts and leg warmers. Big mistake. About 2 miles into the wind, my junk started freezing up under pressure of the wind. Pain. A new kind of "special" pain. I didn't want any more of that but had about 12 miles to go until inside warmth.

So, after weighing which appendage was more important, I took off my left glove and stuffed it down below. Ahhhh.... that did the trick. Still... the ride left my hand pretty chilly, so I stopped by my pops' for a couple of beers and a warm up before finishing up the last few miles. I also borrowed a towel to stuff instead of using the glove.

BRR ride's next weekend - Who's in?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Route's Out...

There she is. Get yourself ready. I was sure it was going more of a CB to Dubuque route this year, too...

Monday, January 22, 2007

Flashback Crew Rides

Here's the schedule for all the rides planned (so far) for 2007. I hope to put together another Brotisserie Ride and I'm sure other rides will pop up along the way. I'll also put this up on the navigation panel on the right so you don't have to dig for this information. Flashback - if you have any other rides - email me and I'll get them added.

Feb 3rd ~ BRR Ride
Feb 10th ~ 1/2 Way Party
May 10 - 12 ~ Spring Roadhouse
June 2 - 3 ~ Shen Ride
June 16 - 17 ~ Ummy's Ride of Splendor
July 14 ~ Good Enough? (otherwise known as Kent's Konvection Kourse)
July 22 - 28 ~ RAGBRAI (the grandaddy)
August 11 - 12 ~ Meteor Ride
August 25 ~ Onabike
September 1 ~ HooDoo
Sept 29 or Oct 6 ~ Fall Roadhouse

Friday, January 12, 2007

This is right up 2 wheels Bottom Bracket

Home of New Belgium Brewery, Fat Tire Beer, and the Tour de Fat

Check out the link, Nothing more to say.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

This is what you missed if you stayed inside during the winter storm.

Mad Skillz

T-Bone drifting on one wheel.


Full teams showed for the New Year's Eve game of bike polo. Deal, Kent, T-bone, CC, Martin, Kevin, Frank, SA, Shim, Cowbell and I hit up some "rules limited" 5 on 5. There was no stopping, no sharp turns, and no out-of-bounds on dabs. The blizzard set in early and stayed the whole game. Brakes failed immediately and I had to let about 10-12 psi out of the tires just to be able to turn. I figure we saw about 4 inches of snow fall from when the game began to when we pushed the 3rd car to the top of the entrance to Swanson.

Damn... that was fun.