Thursday, May 22, 2008

1st Day Route Change for RAGBRAI?

I'm transmitting this to see if anyone can confirm it. It's on very good word, from a person who wouldn't bother suggesting unless there's really something to it.

Route Change for RAGBRAI: There is no mention of this yet on RAGBRAI website, but I have heard from different people about route change on first day. I understand that the road between Mo Valley and Beebeetown is really beat up. The bartender at the Aeroplane Inn told us on Thurs of Spring Roadhouse that she thought the ride was coming by her place. Now I've talked to someone who lives on L34 who has been told to drop their drink stand plans, because of a route change. If the route goes through Honey Creek, it will have to go to Crescent. There are no paved roads between Mo Valley and Crescent, other than the road to Beebeetown. If we go to Crescent, we'll probably go up Badger and Juniper. Look out - those are both 15% grades.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mayor's Ride

Must have been buy 6 O's - get the seventh free at the alphabet store. Hmmm... now where am I going to put that extra O?

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday's Breakfast Ride

On the way back from breakfast at The Depot in Waterloo...

For Sale

I really like riding on country roads. You can find a heckuva deal out there...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Good ridin'

Always nice to come across another commuter. This gentleman was on the way to Creighton...

A little early for cross season, no?

No parking in the normal spot... nice weather's bringing more folks in on bike


Ridin's good. Weather's fly. Now if the street sweepers would just get started...

Absolut - ly Expensive

The bad news, gas is crazy expensive. Good news? Absolut's holding steady.