Sunday, July 15, 2007

A little short. (on miles)

Well the goal was 200 miles. I got in 168, because of last Tuesday's rain ride I second guessed myself and didn't ride with a sever thunder storm warning over head.
As Murphy's law goes no rain or bad weather. So I did 94 on Thurs. (47 miles each way).
The kids had a Dr. apt. on Friday so I drove in and road back 27miles and "the wife" picked me up @ cooksville. Rode in on Saturday A.M. and drove home.
NO riding this coming week headed to the land of OZ. Planing to stop by and check on Capt'n in Alma. Just a quick Hi and By!
Till then, Peace and Grease.

1 comment:

ajb said...

you're going to Australia?

via Alma, NE?