Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mayor's Ride

Must have been buy 6 O's - get the seventh free at the alphabet store. Hmmm... now where am I going to put that extra O?


kuhnicle said...

How many dogs have to die before we have a place to ride on the street?

ajb said...

yeah! Welcome to blogland, Shad... sorry you missed the mayor's ride. It was a nice way to start a Monday.

You on for the Sunday ride to Waterloo?

EB said...

hey man, being a fan of Wes fliks you'll have to come to my screening of the darjeeling limited.

always fun to spread the genius of Mr. Anderson

Danica said...


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ajb said...


Thanks for the nod. You may just be the only person who finds this blog "engaging".

All the best with your biz...


ajb said...


Mr. Anderson is tops... up there with Tim Burton, Cohen bros and Christopher Guest. When's the screening? Saw Darjeeling in the theaters - thought Adrian Brody was a perfect fit.