Thursday, June 05, 2008

Day 1 Update

Here's a link to what I'm taking as the answer to what's up with the route on day one. Duffy's out riding ragbrai out this week. Think of that when you're at work tomorrow. I know I will.

Duffy's Blog - Day 1

On another note, Shen ride is this weekend. 60 miles down on Saturday, then back on Sunday. I need the miles. The commute isn't giving me what it used to for miles. The lovely Mrs. 2wheel is accompanying me with 2 wheels of her own - not in sag support as she's done in years past. Dig it.


pcakes said...

Way to go, Carrie! The Shen Ride is perfect training for RAGBRAI. I might have to get out there this weekend.

Mark and I are looking forward to RAGBRAI. Won't be able to do the whole thing...looking at doing the first two days, maybe three. I appreciate your links and insider knowledge on the ride. How many years have you done RAGRAI now?

ajb said...

This is 4 for me. I'm lucky enough to ride with some folks with real RAGBRAI experience. This will be numero 28 or 29 for some. We have a blast.

Sounds like there will be a lot of folks we all know in O riding a couple days... giddyup.