Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fat Tire Friendly Guide

Make sure you have
a good beer or five
while riding up
those hills of RAGBRAI.

Look for your chance to win one of two Fat Tire Cruisers - they're not for you SS or Fixie folks - they're 3-speed. They're fun. It's for charity. From the NBB Ranger in Iowa via the offices in Ft. Collins:

The New Belgium Beer Ranger will be hosting two parties along the route…the first in Ames at the West Towne Pub, the second in North Liberty at Eggy’s. Team Wonderbike info will be on hand at both sites, not to mention lots of fun, good beer, and the chance to win a New Belgium 3-speed Commuter Bike (the first of its kind) at both parties. All the money raised from the bike raffles will go to local charities.


Sandi said...


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ajb said...

Flattered. But no thanks, Sandi. Best of luck. Less sport. More beer.