Monday, September 29, 2008

Ped Bridge

East Tower



Had to do it. Snuck down after work to peep out the ped bridge. Fired up the gps and posted some tracks to trailguru:

Mid town crossing to Riverside Grille - check out that max speed!
Ped Bridge IA to NE
Then back home

Found out that the gps/trailguru app taps battery life. Also found out that there's a lot of folks on that thar bridge. Don't let the photos fool you there's people... just be warned - the people don't know trail etiquette. Walkers will literally carve in front of you, kids are playing all over it, and there's no "sides" east or west. Don't get me wrong - it's great to see folks out there using it.

Just go slow.

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T-bone said...

Yea, my favorite is the groups of women that need to walk 5 wide so they can all talk to each other. I told someone who works in the mayors office they need to paint a line down the middle. She said they were going to do that but didn't think people would be able to figure it out. WTF???