Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Dan Glance

Riding to work today I was in a hustle. Steady ridin' on the Keystone at about 20 mph loaded with the normal work accompanyments: clothes, shoes, lunch, towel, complete tool set and all the bathroom accomodations to get "purdy". All of the sudden, someone behind me yells "DAN!". I turn around and, sure enough... It's Dan Bolshaw! Knowing I had some bloggin' to do, I had brought the camera - but it was in the panniers, and I had to get to it quick. I pull over and grab the camera out as fast as I can. As Dan passes, I hear him chuckle lightly. He's been here before.

I jump back on the Trucker and it's full steam ahead. It took me almost 2 blocks to catch him! I snapped a photo of him crossing the bridge just south of I-80. This may be the closest I'd get. My legs felt great, breathing was easy, and my heart rate was right around 100. I've been here before.
Then comes the sprint. I blow past him accidentally and apply the breaks. I couldn't believe it! I was riding with Dan "The Seat" Bolshaw!

In true classic velo fashion, Dan says "Hey... you made it!" Sure did, Dan, and thanks for the pic. See ya on the commute...

Blogger's note: Dan Bolshaw is a true fashionista (look at the sun glasses, button down shirt and suspenders), and is also the father of ajb.

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