Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pure Energy

From Ragbrai. Snapped a pic of this guy's LHT. It was a full set up for charging and running all things electrical. If I'm not mistaken, this picture was taken at the Subway where Mr1spd from Steelbitch made one of the sweetest road side fixes on Greg's Shimano wheel ever to be witnessed. If I had money to bet, I'd say Greg's wheel is still rolling solid.

Anywho... this Trucker was set up with a dyno front hub running the jammin' tunes he had mounted on the front rack (check out the tweets on top of the main speaker box). Also in back was a large solar cell juicing up assorted batteries. All in all - pretty sweet for pushing on flat pedals.

I don't expect Uncle Guzzler to remember any of this. Right about now, he was at one with the concrete. His memory picks back up about 2 p.m. later that day...

Steel Sally's toes are also in the photo. I can tell it's him because he's the only one I saw riding Ragbrai with the new Shimano sandals.

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