Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catching up...

Mechanical problems and other factors sidelined the commute last week. The Long Haul Trucker quickly turned into a single-speed bike on Ummy’s Ride of Splendor, so I had to miss that, too. The rear derailleur was ok, so she wasn’t really a single-speed since the gears were changing fine. But when I back-pedaled, the chain would slack up and drape over the chain stay. Huh? Unclip out of the pedals while coasting and the cranks kept spinning. Weird. Took ‘er to the Trek Store after tinkering a bit with it myself. This was beyond my level of mechanical prowess. Skinny D fixed me up, and the Shimano thingy-mabobber was under warranty. All is well.

Happy to be back in the saddle again. Chilly, late-September mornings are good for lazy-hazy fog and long shadows on the ride in to work. Class is in full swing, so I spend Tuesday nights at the library studying up on the fascinating world of Corporate Finance. This really adds to the bike weight as I’m lugging around books, big calculators, Wall Street Journals, Lunch & Dinner.

I’m looking into winter gear for my bike as I decide whether it’d be better to commute through snow on my Mt. Bike with its fatty, knobby tires, or if suiting up the Trucker is my best bet. (Current) Wish list: Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket, dope gloves (any suggestions?), better things to put on my feet for deep cold spinning. Nice socks included.


“Bring it. Dig it.”

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