Thursday, September 14, 2006


It took about 2000 miles, but something finally got through the Satellite Elites. Gotta dig the reflective stripe on those babies. Should've seen it coming. I started looking into grabbing some Mr. Tuffy's for the Trucker just the other day. I jinxed it.

Really... no surprise. The shoulder on "L" St between 84th and 108th is a disaster both ways. I've been dodging patches of broken glass, nails, screws, odd shapes of shiny metal, 2x4's with scraggly bits n pieces sticking out, and other miscellaneous shards of tire destroyers all summer. Over lunch I inspected the outside of the tire before sliding it off the Mavic A319. (I was "lucky" enough to have run out of air down to the rim in the parking lot at work. Reminds me of the Brady Bunch episode in Hawaii.) Where's the flatty? No... it wasn't the THREE PIECES OF GLASS that were nestled into the rubber that I picked out with a paper clip. (Seriously - how long were those there? The Satellites are kickin' stylie.) It was the NAIL. 1 inch of twisted, rusty evil puncturing my smooth as butter tires Cowbell gave me.

Flip-swap the tube for a new one and repair the old. Ready to roll, right? Nope. Better check the front for any burrowing glass weasels there, too. Maybe a quick run to the Trek Store on the way home for some Mr. Tuffy's. MOD - you got those? It wouldn't stop the nail, but it'll make sure to keep the weasels at bay.

Up next: Ummy's Ride of Splendor. Ride down to Lincoln with TEAM FLASHBACK on Saturday and back Sunday. Mucho Road Sodas to help us on our way. I get to watch the NU-USC game in high def on a super-sized tv. Nice.

1spd's in WI at the Cheq Fat Tire, Swanson race this weekend rain or shine, Pub Crawl inching closer as we head into October.

Ride on.

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