Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bike Stuff

Had to break out the Shimano shoes yesterday for the first time since early, early Spring. The sandals have been doing fine, but the nippy mornings bite the toes a bit on the ride into work. Adding layers in the morning and shedding them on the ride home.

The Pub Crawl is this weekend. Look out, Dundee... Lumpy - is your goathead crew down for the shenanigans?

Missed Polo last Sunday, but I'll be back at it this weekend. Don't want to get out of form. I'm working on getting some more folks out there. As with everyone... people never have a shortage of "busy" & "excuses".

Todd Gila Mr1spd Steelbitch... will you ever come back to polo? Steel Sally - I'm counting on you in November.


T-bone said...

I may have to miss this weeks polo game. Sunday is our end of year bash at the motorcycle track. I have to work tech inspection at 9am. That's gonna be tough after the Pub Crawl. It supposed to be in the 60's though. If I get my adreline fix filled early I may skip out and head to Polo.

toddb said...

polo ???????