Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brew Three

2nd batch wasn't too shabby... you've read the Chech Pilsner reviews here.

On to the next batch. Not a fan of October-fest-ish beers, and not particularly fond of winter brews, I'm trying an IPA. I'm a bit concerned about my initial specific gravity (1.034), and hope it doesn't end up being too thin. Like a good little homebrewer, I followed the directions, though I don't really like using dextrose (of which I used 300g versus the 500g of dry light malt). I really love the smell of my house after brewing. The primary fermenter is bubbling away right now. I'll probably take the brew off the yeast and finish it in a secondary fermenter sometime this weekend. Hope to bring some beers out to Fort Collins with me next month.

3 cheers for homebrew beers.


Doug said...

I was an avid homebrewer also before kids and life created the laziness of wanting 4-6 different kinds in the fridge without actually doing anything except laying down cash.

Keep it up and report on the IPA quality (my fav). Are you kegging or bottling? Kegging is the only way to fly if you're even a semi-serious brewer/enjoyer/zymurgist.

ajb said...

I've got two of the little ones running/crawling around at home, too. That basically makes brewing a night operation after they've drifted off to sleep.

I'm bottling now, only until I get a bit more experienced. I have a nice 1953 Philco ice box tapped out for a keg (an empty 1/2 barrel of New Belgium Fat Tire resides there now). I'd love to run a couple more lines and perfect a few different brews to have around all the time.

Thanks for stopping by...