Monday, March 05, 2007

16 Years and counting

Well as of today I've been in the Bike Business for 16 years!
I start at Cycle Sport Bicycle shop in North Platte on this date in 1991. Damn that a lot of bikes!
Cycle Sport at the time was one of the smallest shops in Nebraska.
The Bike Rack was the next shop. While I was there, The largest Bike Shops in the Midwest.(it might still be)
Highgear (AKA Midwest Cycling) was the next shop. The up and coming shop in the Midwest.
So I guess that its safe to say that I have seen the full range, smallest to largest. And the new up and comers in Nebraska.
Now I'm in Wisconsin, Cronometro, one of the top Custom Bike shops in the country.
Bike's have done a lot for me. I meet my wife, and have made friends for a lifetime while being in the bike business.
It has taken me to France, Twice. Seeing thing that I would have never gotten the chance to see.
I guess the long and short is. IT BEATS HAVING A REAL JOB!

To all those that I have meet Thank you! And for those of you I haven't meet, I hope to soon!
Here to another 16 years, at least!
Peace and Grease.


ajb said...

3 Cheers, and 3 Beers! Congratulations... and may we all have many more great years with bikes...

Josh said...

Congrats and thanks for livin the dream, not only for yourself but for the rest of us too!

Skinny D said...

sure hasn't taught you much grammer. j/k. congrats you grump.