Friday, March 23, 2007

Oops. Sideways early 80's Trek. High Tech to be sure.
Back in the day - this baby was $800 new

OK, last sideways picture. The museum boasted
many trainers of years past

Jerseys galore

I can't remember the history of this baby, but I think the
chain thingy added a lower gear. I think.

What to give Grumpy for his b-day. An old
wheel building chair

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Ryan said...

The chain thingy in the second-to-last photo is a jockey pulley, and it serves the same purpose as the jockey pulleys on modern rear derailers: it takes up the slack in the chain, which varies as you change gears.

If you look, this is a very early derailer-gear system. There's a little lever under the chainstay that changes the gears, and there's only one front ring on this bike.