Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Long Cut Taco Ride

Luck wasn't a lady tonight... more of a slow leak than anything

It's the diggy-diggy doc, y'all

Yeah, yeah... we get the hint


Looking skyward at the S. Tower over the MO

Joe C. and I rode downtown after work to Farrels to meet Shad after work for a couple drinks and 2 Wheel stories before rolling down to the ped bridge. After the quick spin across the Missouri, Joe took a left, while Shad and I took a right. Couple more big beers at Ameristar to make sure we had enough calories and we're off. Finally pulled into Mineola after dodging drunk cyclists in the dark all the way south on the Trace.

Last ones in. Last ones out. Greeted by a flat front on Shad's Cannondale after we finish up our pitchers and tacos. Hmmm... pump it up and see how slow of a leak we're in for? Yup. We'll pump it up 4 or 5 more times before the night was over. Last one was on the bridge before replacing it after it stopped being a slow leak.

Nighty-night at 2:30 a.m.

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