Wednesday, May 24, 2006

108th & L

My least favorite part of the ride in... playing with 5 lanes of traffic. At least I get noticed in a lane, and don't get run over by unattentive motorists while crossing these streets at the corners.


Lumpy said...

I was sitting at a light yesterday at about 70th and Pacific waiting to turn left. Coming down the hill on the sidewalk, was guy on a bike heading west. As he was approaching the intersection, a 350 z pulled across the cross walk and stopped. Instead of swerving around him and giving him a dirty look as he went by (what I usually do), the guy on the bike rode right up to his passenger side door and stopped. He knocked on the glass and told the driver to roll his window down. He didn't, so the biker yelled through the glass, "You've pulled ahead too far, could you please back up!" About that time, I turned and never saw what happened next. I just thought the whole thing was pretty ballsy. Here's to you buddy!

ajb said...

I'd love to find that guy and buy him a beer for having big enough hang-lows to do that. I'm glad he said "please", too. Motorists hate us enough in this town. It's better to be nice than suffer the "Ernie Chambers" effect.

But was the cyclist riding on the sidewalk?