Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December Polo - 50's?

50+ degrees this Sunday? Ridiculous. That spells one helluva Polo match come Sunday. Todd B hasn't been seen out there yet... Kurt J needs to pony up. Cowbell should come home for this one. Grump, too... What's up - let's play!

Swanson Park - 36th & Cornhusker - 1pm (Noon for a warmup lap or two w/ T-bone)
Bring halftime refreshments, a black shirt, a white shirt, and a beater bike. Mallets provided.


T-bone said...

50, are you serious? Sweet! I hope my new bike is ready in time. Can't wait to show you my new moves on a fixed gear:)

ajb said...

Yeah... I saw those pics on 29&Single. Crazy shiz if you ask me. Give me at least 7 gears & 2-3 rings in the front.

Better living through mechanical engineering is what I say.

T-bone said...

Just wait till Frank smashes into you rear der or Martain hits it with his mallett.

capn cowbell said...

I'll be home on the 30th. Should be able to play on the 31st if the game is on.

T-bone said...

Oh, it's on. You can count on that.