Friday, December 01, 2006

Hey Cowbell I think you need to step it up!

We all no what LeMond did for Chequamegon! I think Lance will do even more for Leadville.
(More like completely ruin it!)

Armstrong to race Leadville Trail 100

Retirement from pro road racing has opened new doors for Lance Armstrong. This fall, the former roadie and seven-time Tour de France winner tackled the New York City marathon, and next August, he'll try out the Leadville Trail 100, a 100 mile mountain bike race in Leadville, Colorado.

Race director Ken Chlouber confirmed the race was on Armstrong's schedule, which now consists of only a few races per year. "This is huge for Leadville," Chlouber told the Leadville Chronicle. He added that the race was well suited for Armstrong, who is known for surmounting tough personal obstacles like cancer.

The Leadville 100 began in 1983 and covers a 100-mile course through the Sawatch mountains. It features 15,600 feet of climbing and descending. The race is notoriously challenging because the entire course is at a high altitude. The lowest point is 9,200 feet, and the highest point is 12,620 feet. The race is so popular that a lottery is used to dole out the available slots. About 500-600 of the 750 starters finish the race annually.

It won't be Armstrong's first appearance off road, but it will be the first time he races an endurance mountain bike event. If he has time to train, the Tour de France winner could challenge for the win.


mr1spd said...

If he gets in the lottery. Just because he is lance doesn't mean he will get in.

Grumpy old biker said...

Please, Lottery if Lance wants to ride Leadville he will ride Leadville. And the promoter would be nuts not to let him in.

ajb said...

Yeah... sorry. The smart promoter would go ahead and open one more spot.

Cowbell... now you just gotta have FOUR BLOODY MARYS in the morning before racing.

Trust me on this one.

capn cowbell said...

Sounds as if Ken already gave the ok for him to ride. Shouldn't be a problem. It's not as if there isn't a few other spaces for others. But can he change a flat if he gets one. Being used to his crew, maybe he forgot how to. Hmm I'll still be behind him even if that happens.

mr1spd said...

Yeah so he can pimp livestrong?

ajb said...

I don't think Ken is as interested in Livestrong as he is in getting buzz built about his race. Armstrong will provide tons of gooey media attention FREE.

Cowbell... what's up, anyway. First he's looking for me on RAGBRAI, then he's going after you at Leadville. What's next?

Grumpy old biker said...

Well if he comes after me for my BEER... I can't catch his ass on a bike.
But I WILL beat his ass for BEER!

capn cowbell said...

it must be the cowbell

mr1spd said...

Hmm lance going after guys? Is he a tailgunner?