Thursday, December 28, 2006

Last Polo Game of 2006! let's make it a fond farewell to 2006. Double the halftime refreshments and double the action. C'mon down to Swanson Park - 36th & Cornhusker at 1pm on New Year's Eve. As always - bring a black and white shirt so we can keep the teams mixed... mallets are provided.

T-Bone, MOD... pick up the drum beat and post on 29 & MTB. Let's make this Sunday a kick ass game. Anyone from Lincoln interested?

BTW - I have no idea who the fools are in this video are. I'm sure we could kick their arse, though.


mr1spd said...

Hey aaron can you fetch my black polo mallet I left it last game. I don't care if anyone uses it but if it gets broken it gets replaced.


T-bone said...

Should be a good one. Hopefully we get 3 inches of snow and not 3 inches of rain. If it does rain a lot we might have to play on the top field.

T-bone said...

Oh yea, those guys in that video are Sally-Boys. We could take them no problem.

ajb said...

No promises, but I'll try to remember. I'll have to grab it before the game as I plan on drinking my nutrients for the remainder of the day.