Friday, November 03, 2006


Pulled the IPA off the yeast and put it into the carboy last weekend for a final ferment. The Specific Gravity seemed low, as I expected. But, I know what I did wrong. Bottling it up tomorrow. I'll be able to take some out to Colorado with me in a couple weeks.

Haven't commuted on 2 wheels this week in lieu of a chest cold. I'll wait until the hacking of green things up at night subsides. Back in the Saddle next week.

Polo Sunday - I'm all in. That will test if the rear wheel I trued will hold up. Or fold.


T-bone said...

Bring some of that shit to polo.

ajb said...

Yikes... it'd be pretty rough. Wouldn't be fully "bubbly" yet, I don't think, since I'll have just primed it before bottling it up. But, I'll bring mine if you bring yours.

capn cowbell said...

send me some