Monday, November 27, 2006

Surly Brew in Omaha

Nope. Can't get it at your local watering hole. Can't find it at that fancy "spirits" shop. Can't buy it online. You want some? Talk to Santa.

I've been following Surly Brewing since they came on the scene earlier this year, and have watched their growth in Minneapolis. Not related to the bike folks, but just as, well... Surly.

Bender is an interesting cross between an oatmeal stout and a nut brown. Very filling. Furious is, in one crazy made-up word -
SpazHOPtic. It reminds me of something from Henry Weinhards out of Portland. Like their private reserve or boar's head red. Neither is for the weak at heart. They just started putting this stuff into pint cans about a month ago.

Thanks to Tod & Sue for thinking of me as they traveled over Thanksgiving. It cost me some Fat Tire and 2 Below. Nice trade.


Grumpy old biker said...

OK I got mine coming on Friday. I let you know what I think. I'll be sending a 6er to the Capn.

ajb said...

Nice... you got a hook up in WI??