Sunday, May 06, 2007

Activate Omaha Bike Commuter Challenge

I'm in. The wellness center at work put together a team. Bike parking is going to get really scarce really quick. 28 participants... about 10-12 bike stalls.

The BCC starts with a mayor's ride on May 14th, with a short and long ride route. The Activate Omaha site isn't updated... the routes are picked. The long route goes out to Elmwood and back to downtown via Leavenworth. I'm out on that one. Leavenworth has the crappy combination of narrow lanes and pissy drivers. Wonder if Fahey's going the distance? BCC goes for 14 weeks. Prizes and schwag TBD.

Activate Omaha BCC Page


Anonymous said...

My hat is in the ring too. Are you going to do the Mayor's ride Monday morning?

I put the think tank on the bike and found out that I clock 8.5 miles oneway.

I hope the new destination is working well for you.
Talk to you later.

ajb said...

I'm gonna skip the mayor's ride. I'm still too new at work to be able to go in late... if you know what I mean.