Sunday, May 20, 2007

A legend returns

Meet my keg-erator. She's a rockin' 1954(ish) Philco monster tapped out, handed down from my Father in-law. This thing has seen some serious action. Not altogether unlike PBR's Cool Blue.

Unfortunately, last summer didn't see much beer flowing through it's food grade veins. That horrible chapter to this superhero's life ends soon. I'll be throwing down for new hoses, a new dual pressure valve thingy, and firing it back up.

Somebody call OPPD, they'll have to open up reactor #4 soon...

If you only have room enough for one keg,
make it something good.

The superhero you always wished you could be.


Anonymous said...

Way cool!

Grumpy said...

Now I know that you are my HERO!