Sunday, May 06, 2007

What's the Deal?

picture courtesy of Bike Friday

So the story goes that a guy gets restructured out of his position at work, and spends the next 3 months looking for work, going to grad school, and hanging out with his kids. Cycling became a non-concern, and his waist line is feeling it.

But I'm back to work, and bike commuting as well. The good news: the office is a lot closer, and I save a bunch of time on the trip. The bad news: the office is a lot closer and I only get 1/4 the miles and time in the saddle. Oh... and I don't get to park the LHT inside in its own kushy cubicle. That's offset by the fact I now have a locker and showers now. Ironic, though - with a 3 mile ride to work vs. the 12 I was previously riding, I need the shower less.

Look for information on the Activate Omaha Commuter Challenge shortly...

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