Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 Wheel Commute

What a commute

Not a bad little ride yesterday. It is only 19 miles to get to work. Not bad in and of itself. I then added a few more miles going to see a homehealth patient and return trip to the house for a nice 63.5 miles to and from work. The ride has some nice hills which slowed me to about 5mph. That just hurts on the SS. Enjoy a taco and beer for me.


Grumpy old biker said...

I'll be thinking about your 63 mile ride when I'm riding up Alpe d'Huez.
Top that!

ajb said...

The Taco ride didn't happen for me... that crazy storm coming through shifted south. Me, Steel Sally, and Mr1spd went to the Homey Inn instead.

Do they have Tacos in France?

Grumpy old biker said...

Just the Cheese that about all!