Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Good Enough

Kent put together a great ride on Sunday. (The photo is of the shen ride - so fire me). Hills, hills, hills, with a hot, punishing sun tapping you on your shoulder the whole ride. Yep - good enough for me. Refreshments back at the Wirth Casa. Jay-bone showed up with 1spd to confuse his downhill racing legs. Steel Sally is slightly concerned about his legs on ragbrai - but shouldn't be. We'll have plenty of safety meetings to get us through the week.

Next up: Council Bluffs to Sgt. Bluff on Saturday. 95 miles the day before we start ragbrai. I'm praying for a strong tail wind. Got a cheater route with party stops on Monday's route. Thanks Patti!

Landis has the yellow.
Flashback is set for Ragbrai.
I suck at putting on temp. tatoos.
I'm riding all week long to work.

Dig it.

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capn cowbell said...

Have a few beers for me. And remember to listen for the cowbell.