Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Czech Pilsner

Ok, in addition to loving the 2-wheeled contraptions, I admit to being fond of beer. The lovely Mrs. 2Wheel gave me a splendid Father's Day Gift. A homebrew kit. While my first batch of Wheat Beer will be going into the refrigerator tonight after sitting bottled for a couple weeks, I made another batch last night. I love the smell of my house after boiling the wort and malt. Yum. This little dandy will have to wait until after RAGBRAI to drink - but we'll bottle it up next week.

1 comment:

ajb said...

Opened the wheat beer last night, took one sip, then one more - final sip.

No good. Good thing I changed a couple of the things I did with the czech pilsner. The Wheat beer is no good.

(I know all 4 of you were in suspense)