Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Went to Dubuque, IA for the 4th of July weekend with the family and took the LHT. There's a beautiful trail over there called the Heritage Trail. Gorgeous trail, no doubt. It goes out to Dyersville, IA and beyond from a trail head in Dubuque. Yup... THAT Dyersville - the one where they filmed Field of Dreams. After stopping at The Office for breakfast and a couple of suds with the locals, I headed out to the movie site. Rounded the bases on the Trucker and snapped a couple pictures. Outside of the last 10-15 miles or so, it rained off and on all day. Riding on a gravel/sand/crushed rock trail was interesting for sure. Last stop was the Handle Bar in Durango. BS'd with the owner "Doc" over a couple more beers and called it even. Pulled back into the in-laws with just over 70 miles for the day.

Nice ride. Tomorrow, back to work. It's all better when you commute, though...

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