Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The ride in

Three snaps of the commute in. Didn't see a few of the regulars out on the roads/trails, but it was a muggy one. Folks probably thought it was going to rain. One is the amoeba round-about just between Dundee and Country Club, then the Keystone, then the daily trip through the bank drive-through at 84th and "L". I almost ran over a dog-walker in Elmwood. "Passing on your right" doesn't mean move to your right.

The Trucker hit 1000 miles. Should have about 1500 before RAGBRAI. Miles may not mean a bunch to some, but it represents time in the saddle, which is time well spent.

In other news, playing tunes with an iPod instead of a cd player rules. The Czech Pilsner is fermenting. Boss is on vacation this week. Kent's Good Enough ride is Sunday. Taco Ride this Thursday. Gearing up for RAGBRAI.

This could be a very nice week.

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